One Pastor’s Story of Unexpected Ministry

Guest post courtesy of Acadia Divinity College, our Convention’s school of theology


Recently, we have heard many stories of the plight of refugees.  Often we think there is not much we can do.

In August 2015, an Iraqi mother and her five daughters left a refugee camp in Turkey and boarded an airplane bound for Canada. From the airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they were driven to the quiet rural community of Paradise. The congregation of Paradise Baptist Church, led by Rev. Mark Reece (Acadia Master of Divinity 2004) warmly embraced the family and welcomed them into their new community and home.

In 2012, Mark felt the call to enroll in the Acadia Doctor of Ministry program.  As part of this program, Mark had the opportunity to take elective courses.  The course entitled, Reaching Muslims: Theology, Apologetics and Effective Engagement, taught by Dr. Andy Bannister, Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) Canada, caught his attention.

“It was an area of personal interest to me that I wanted to explore,” said Mark. “I didn’t think it would have much impact on my immediate ministry context. I was wrong.”

Mark credits that course and the quality education he received from Acadia Divinity College in preparing him to respond to the refugee crisis.  Since the family of six has arrived, Mark and the members of Paradise Baptist have been busy caring for their new neighbours as well as helping many other churches respond to the crisis.

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The Pearl: Be Sure You’re After the Right One

Image Source:  Pearls Only

The Pearl of the World

If you haven’t read The Pearl by John Steinbeck, you’re missing out.  It’s a short parable-style novella (about 130 pages in book form or 2.5 hours in audio form) about a Mexican pearl diver named Kino.

Kino and his wife, Juana, have a baby.  One day, the baby is stung by a scorpion.  Kino does not have the money to pay the doctor to save the baby’s life.  The next day, Kino goes diving for pearls and finds what the local villagers call “The Pearl of the World” — a pearl so large that it will set Kino and his family up for life.  The rest of the story describes the evils and tragedies that occur as Kino tries to sell the pearl to secure his family’s future. Read More

What are We Willing to Sacrifice for Jesus?

How much are we willing to sacrifice for Jesus?  He sacrificed so much for us!

Here are a few ideas/questions for consideration.  None of these things are bad in and of themselves.  Some of these things may not even apply to you.  But sometimes it can be good to stretch our thinking about how we’re living our lives and how that affects our ability to serve God. Read More

How You and Your Church Can Give Everyone What They Want

Image Source:  LG Elite

It can be difficult to know how to serve everyone in a church setting.  Children have different needs than youth, who have different needs than young adults, who have different needs than older adults, who have different needs than seniors.  There is even a wide range within each age category – differing genders, marital statuses, employment statuses, educational backgrounds, hobbies, interests, musical preferences.  How can the church serve all of these people well? Read More

Exploring Jesus’ Feminine Side: Part 1

I was eating dinner in the cafeteria at ABU (now Crandall).  We had just received the schedule for that year’s senior seminar and thesis presentations.

Suddenly there was a lot of activity on the other side of the table.  I heard exclamations of “Heresy!”  There were mumblings about “those psychology majors.”  When I asked what the matter was, I was shown the title of the offending thesis:  “Exploring Jesus’ Feminine Side.”

I said, “Flip the page over to see the details.  Maybe it’s not as bad as you think.”

I then witnessed a look of utter dismay.  “It’s your thesis?!?” Read More

How You Can Help Syrian Refugees This Christmas

Canadian Baptists nationwide have committed to sponsoring 100 Syrian refugee families.  Our Convention hopes to provide sponsorship for at least half of those families.  They have made many resources available for any churches that would like to help.

Most of us can’t sponsor a refugee family on our own but we can help in other ways.  The Festival in Charming Churches is providing Islanders with an opportunity to contribute.

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website for the PEI Baptist Association!  We hope you will find the website helpful and informative.  Please contact us with any suggestions for new content or improvements.