About Those “20 Minutes of Action”

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I will not disgrace myself or this website by mentioning the name of the so-called man who was recently convicted of sexually assaulting a woman on Stanford University’s campus in January 2015.  I will not mention the name of the judge who handed down an extremely lenient sentence of six months in county jail and three years of probation when the recommended sentence for such a conviction is between eight and twenty years in state prison.  I will not mention the names of those who have callously denied the seriousness of the crime by insisting that the attacker should not receive the recommended punishment; they believe the attacker is really a good kid who doesn’t deserve to experience the full consequences of his actions because it would ruin his potential.  All of these people are already receiving more than enough attention.


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I will, however, name and honour the two Swedish men, Carl-Fredrik Arndt and Peter Jonsson (pictured above), who saved the woman from further harm at the hand of her attacker.  They are the male heroes of this story.  I will also honour the female hero of this story – the woman herself, who continues to bravely face the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consequences brought about when someone broke the 10th commandment and coveted his neighbour’s body. Read More

Maybe We Shouldn’t Ask People to Read the Bible

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At some point, someone in church has likely told you that you should be reading the Bible regularly.  When I was a child in Sunday School, we even sang a song about what happens when you read the Bible every day (and what happens when you don’t).  So why is it that so many people, whether they are regularly in the pews or not, don’t read the Bible each day?

Why We Don’t Read the Bible

First Things First

When I first volunteered for a children’s summer reading program that our church was offering to the community, a representative from the PEI Literacy Alliance came to explain to the volunteers why literacy is such an important issue on PEI.  I was surprised to learn that almost two-thirds of Islanders have limited reading skills.  It was then that I realized that when churches ask people to read the Bible, they may be asking them to do something they literally are not equipped to do. Read More

Hope In Spite of Suffering

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When I attended Crandall University, I took a course called “Suffering” (a biblical studies course).  I believe it ranked second in the category of Most Depressingly Titled Course after “Death and Grieving” (a psychology course).  Who knows?  Perhaps they now have even more dreary course options for those inclined to look at the darker side of life.  But I digress.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that there is suffering in this world.  We suffer physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  We suffer from natural disasters, illness, warfare, and cruelty over which we have no control.  We suffer justly as a consequence of our own decisions and unjustly as a consequence of the decisions of those we know and of those we will never meet.  We suffer because of decisions made yesterday and hundreds of years ago, we suffer because of decisions made today, and we will suffer because of decisions made tomorrow. Read More

Happy Earth Day!

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Abegweit, Cradled on the Waves.  Million Acre Farm.  Garden of the Gulf.  Spud Island.

Prince Edward Island is certainly a beautiful, fertile place.  Its nicknames reflect the Island’s bounty.  Much of the Island’s economy is driven by agriculture, by fishing and aquaculture, and by the one million visitors who flock here every year to enjoy our homegrown food, beautiful surroundings, vibrant culture, and welcoming people.  Many Islanders depend on the environment for their livelihood, directly and indirectly.

Islanders realize the importance of taking care of their surroundings.  Whether they are maintaining their lawns, planting flower and vegetable gardens, sorting their garbage to separate recyclables and compost from waste, or participating in the annual PEI Women’s Institute Roadside Clean Up Day, every Islander does their part to keep PEI beautiful.  Islanders are proud of where they come from and make sure the appearance of their homes and businesses reflects that pride. Read More

Good Spiritual Habits

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We’re now into the second quarter of 2016, which usually means that any New Year’s resolutions we may have set have long been broken by now.  That’s okay.  When we’re cultivating new habits, we likely won’t be consistent at first.  As long as we’re persistent (and, for believers, asking God for help with the changes we’re making is always a good idea), we can get past our faltering first steps and begin to walk more consistently and confidently in our new ways. Read More

The Pearl: Be Sure You’re After the Right One

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The Pearl of the World

If you haven’t read The Pearl by John Steinbeck, you’re missing out.  It’s a short parable-style novella (about 130 pages in book form or 2.5 hours in audio form) about a Mexican pearl diver named Kino.

Kino and his wife, Juana, have a baby.  One day, the baby is stung by a scorpion.  Kino does not have the money to pay the doctor to save the baby’s life.  The next day, Kino goes diving for pearls and finds what the local villagers call “The Pearl of the World” — a pearl so large that it will set Kino and his family up for life.  The rest of the story describes the evils and tragedies that occur as Kino tries to sell the pearl to secure his family’s future. Read More

What are We Willing to Sacrifice for Jesus?

How much are we willing to sacrifice for Jesus?  He sacrificed so much for us!

Here are a few ideas/questions for consideration.  None of these things are bad in and of themselves.  Some of these things may not even apply to you.  But sometimes it can be good to stretch our thinking about how we’re living our lives and how that affects our ability to serve God. Read More