Association Resources

Here are some of the resources offered to PEI churches from the Association:

  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Short Term Mission Trip Fund:  This fund provides up to $500 per mission trip to applicants and is administered by Association’s Administration Team. A church must apply on behalf of the individuals who are going on the trip. If the application is approved, the church must provide a report on the trip that can be distributed to all of the churches in Association. The report can take many forms – a written report inserted into a bulletin, a picture collage explaining the trip’s activities, or a brief video that can be shown in a church service or in a small group setting.  Download our Short Term Mission Trip Support Policy.
  • Wilkinson Trust Fund: This fund provides financial aid to Islanders who are studying to prepare for a ministry position. It is administered by the trustee of the fund, who is one of Association’s partners. Download the Wilkinson Ministerial Trust Fund Application.

The Spa Total Fitness Centre in Charlottetown offers discounted individual and family memberships to all paid church staff of CBAC churches on PEI.  Contact Colin at The Spa for more information.

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