20/20 Vision – Prince Edward Island

Dear brothers & sisters,

In May of last year we felt led by the Lord Jesus to assist in the organization of an Island-wide event that will be known as “20/20 Vision for Prince Edward Island”.

We are praying that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Christians will gather together on Saturday, May 16 (location to be determined) for afternoon and evening events.

We have contacted Rev. Lennett Anderson, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hammond’s Plains, Nova Scotia, and he is willing to be our guest speaker.

We are confident that though the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, a group of devoted believers will be able to organize an afternoon and an evening event that will include inspirational music (worship bands, mass choir) as well as several passionate testimonies of Christians from across the Province.

We need your help in several ways:

1.         Please begin immediately to pray for this labour of love.

2.         Determine who is willing (and passionate) from your church family to connect with our planning committee.

3.         Speak with your congregation to inform them of this wonderful opportunity and keep them updated on our progress.

4.         Let me know who is willing to represent your church family. We will be hosting a dinner/planning meeting at our home on January 25 (1:00 pm).

In sincere Christian love and appreciation,


Garth & Liane MacKay                                                         

20/20 VisionPrince Edward Island

7 Rosewood Drive, Kensington





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