Hope In Spite of Suffering

Image Source:  Time Out 4 God When I attended Crandall University, I took a course called “Suffering” (a biblical studies course).  I believe it ranked second in the category of Most Depressingly Titled Course after “Death and Grieving”… Read More

Happy Earth Day!

Image Source:  Meetings and Conventions PEI Abegweit, Cradled on the Waves.  Million Acre Farm.  Garden of the Gulf.  Spud Island. Prince Edward Island is certainly a beautiful, fertile place.  Its nicknames reflect the Island’s bounty.  Much of the… Read More

CABC Alpha Workshop

Reposted from the CABC website:  http://baptist-atlantic.ca/media/videos/cabc-alpha-workshop/ In case you weren’t able to get to the CABC Alpha Workshops or join our livestream earlier this month, we recorded one and have it available for you here. The workshops were… Read More

Good Spiritual Habits

Image Source:  Shades Mountain Independent Church We’re now into the second quarter of 2016, which usually means that any New Year’s resolutions we may have set have long been broken by now.  That’s okay.  When we’re cultivating new… Read More

Physician-Assisted Suicide & Palliative Care: A Brief Update

Reposted from the CABC website:  http://baptist-atlantic.ca/news/physician-assisted-suicide-palliative-care-a-brief-update/ Physician-Assisted Suicide/Death is a watershed issue for Canadian society. But it is also an incredible opportunity for Canadian Christians (and churches) to offer their communities a different perspective on life, death, dignity,… Read More